We are a consultancy company for a decentralized world.

We are focused on the development of decentralized projects, both from the technical and business management side.

B16T Solutions

Handling the business administration, fiscal and regulatory needs of your startup.

Implementing a financial framework for close control over budgets, overheads, capital and project expenses, profitability and management of financial risk.

Financial forecasting and reporting to meet the requirements of business management, investors and regulators.

Providing CFO services and managing regulatory and financial audits.

Advising on the relative fiscal benefits of choosing your business location.

Registration with Tax authorities and managing tax administration to ensure timely and accurate filing of tax returns and payment of taxes.

Advice on compliant tax optimisation.

Review of regulatory authorisation and licensing requirements; liaising with regulatory authorities to achieve a compliant and transparent solution.

Helping to run a compliant KYC/AML process for an ICO.

 Providing guidance to ensure compliance with regulatory obligations.

D14T Solutions

Helping companies to build great decentralized solutions.

Blockchain technology consultancy: transition from initial concept to software release

White paper creation and alignment with concrete functional specifications.

Product roadmap management consultancy and implementation.

Time-to-market strategy and implementation.

Marketing consultancy and implementation.

Business development consultancy and training.