With combined expertise of more than 75 years in the digital and financial sector we have the disciplines and skillsets to guide the creation of successful and wonderful startups, fintech solutions and blockchain applications.  

Fabio Casasús

Fabio Casasús

Managing director

Fabio is an economist and a qualified banking consultant. He has over 10 years experience delivering projects for finance departments of the Bank of Spain, HSBC Private Bank and ING Group.

Fabio’s expertise focuses on matching regulatory requirements with banks finance operations using latest project methodologies. His programme management experience guarantees successful completion of large-scale undertakings across multicultural and global environments.

Enrique Melero

Enrique Melero

Managing director

Enrique is an economist and developer. He has worked with such large companies such as IBM, Nokia, Thomson Reuters and HSBC as Finance COO of the Global Private Bank. He has extensive experience in working with multicultural teams, including the implementation of high-tech projects. For example, he was in charge of the translation of GNU/Linux programs into Spanish.

A few years ago Enrique became interested in Bitcoin and Blockchain technology and started to advocate how this disruptive technology can change the banking industry. He is an organizer and speaker at Blockchain related summits and a regular participator in conference panels.



Our methodologies and frameworks to deliver the best results are open and publicly shared. They are openly available to everybody to take and use for their own purposes, improve and share. They are open source!


We are fully transparent – always respecting our clients wishes in this regard. We believe and openly advocate that the decentralized ecosystem we want to build requires transparency. This means that we are fully open to your questions and suggestions.


We believe that great results are those which can be measured and analyzed. They have to meet not only our high standards, but also our clients’ requirements and goals. As consultants, accountability is key to delivering a great service.


Open source, transparency and accountability are the fundamental pillars of our most important value: Trust. Like the Blockchain, our methodologies, our core values and their practical outcomes are built on this principle and are openly available.